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about the show

Featuring 22 performers and a live orchestra, it’s the musical comedy that will make you dream, make you dance and make you feel like you’re on top of the world!

"Would YOU like to be Queen for a Day?" From 1944-1964, every American housewife answered resoundingly "And how!" In the Hollywood of 1953, fortunes can change in a heartbeat. Claribel Anderson is counting on it. The outspoken and strong-willed Claribel finds herself and fellow waitress Lana Beutler at the glamorous Moulin Rouge Theatre, where the hit show Queen for a Day tapes daily. Here the girls meet the quirky and charismatic host of the show Jack Bailey and a colourful cast of Hollywood players ready and willing to build the Queen for a Day dream. Jack sees many women, listens to many stories, dries many tears – but only ONE can be Queen.

Hilarious twists and turns ensue, landing Claribel as a contestant on the show. Her 15 minutes of fame send her down a funny and touching road of self-discovery, forcing her to question her dream of being the perfect ‘50’s housewife.

Inspired by true stories and real life characters, Queen for a Day: the Musical is filled with wonderful songs, big laughs, and the original charm of Reality TV.

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