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Queen for a Day was the first ever reality show of the 1950’s and 1960’s, hosted by Jack Bailey.


The show took place in the glamorous Moulin Rouge theatre, where hundreds of women would line up for their chance to become Queen for a Day.



Women would mail in their request for tickets weeks in advance. Tickets were free and in great demand. The lucky women who did receive tickets to the show would write their wish on the back of their ticket in hopes of being selected.


The day began early for the cast and crew of the show, who arrive hours before the show begins for a dress rehearsal.


Candidates were chosen live from the audience on the same day the show taped, just an hour and fifteen minutes before show-time.


"Would you like to be Queen for a Day?" Jack Bailey would famously begin each show with this very question, while candidates anxiously awaited their opportunity to prove themselves worthy of being a Queen.


Participants were unrehearsed making Queen for a Day the most unpredictable show on television.


The Queen was chosen through audience applause and finally decided upon by an applause meter.


Queen for a Day invented product integration; at one point the network even extended the show time from 30 to 45 minutes so they could meet demands for commercial time at the then astronomical rate of $4,000/minute!


The original television broadcast of Queen for a Day aired live across the nation for 12 years, until October 2, 1964, to be revived five years later.

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